About Our Nursery in South Hereford

We strive to provide the best childcare in South Hereford for your young ones. We understand the difficulties of balancing being a parent with a young child and having a career, which is why we’re here to help.

With our many years of experience, we’ve made sure that we can support you and your child. Our care works around you, being flexible to help when you need us. Not only do we provide a fun environment to help your children learn, but you’ll also be able to continue with whatever fills your day. We are a term time only setting, meaning we are open alongside other schools, for 38 weeks of the academic year, usually being September to July of the following year.

How to Join Our Nursery in South Hereford

If you’re looking for your child to join our nursery, we’d love to support you and your young ones. It’s extremely easy to get booked in, simply give us a call or email us and we’ll discuss the next steps!

To learn more about our pricing models to find what suits you, or if you’re looking to learn more about our funding, please head to our Fees and Funding information.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Cut and Paste Childcare, we’re eager to help provide excellent care and support in the development of young children in Hereford. We’re passionate about young child care and with our expertise, we provide a fun and exciting environment to help your children learn and grow.

As much as we’re dedicated to helping the development of children, we also understand the importance of this for families. With many parents in full-time work, it can be difficult to provide childcare at all hours of the day. We want to help families who are eligible for nursery education funding by looking after your child when you need us to.

We’re more than happy to discuss your individual requirements. If you’re looking for childcare in the Hereford region, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to talk further!

Take a look at our latest Ofsted Report here!


We take great pride in our nursery, ensuring we provide the best care for your child. Many young children see the nursery as a second home, a place where they feel safe and enjoy to be. Unfortunately, they can’t provide any testimonials, so we’ve asked the parents instead.

What Does Ofsted Say About Our Nursery?

We’re proud to be an ‘Outstanding’ nursery. We’ve collected some of the quotes from our Ofsted report below!

– Robust recruitment and staff performance and development procedures ensure that the manager and staff are well qualified and very knowledgeable. Their teaching and care skills are outstanding. The manager and staff work well together to keep children safe, to promote their good health and to foster their purposeful learning.

– The manager and staff interact extremely well with children, who want to take part and do well. They encourage children to be confident to demonstrate skills and to join in new activities, such as fun French lessons. The manager and staff skilfully use props, visual aids, explanations and questions to promote children’s listening, understanding, expressive language and new vocabulary.

– Children are extremely happy and confident. The manager and staff are kind, reassuring and encouraging. They help children to settle quickly and to get to know the other children and adults. Children feel valued because their interests are followed up, their choices are encouraged and their skills and achievements are celebrated.

– Children are looked after and learn in the most inviting and superbly resourced surroundings. The exceptional presentation of books, toys and activities stimulates children’s ideas for play and their purposeful exploration. Children develop a sense of pride and responsibility which they demonstrate when looking after their possessions and helping to put away toys.

To see the full Ofsted report for our nursery please click here.

* Visit the Government Website here or the Working Families Website here for more details on Free Childcare.